Insights. Offerings. Integration. 

You are an intricate force of nature. 

May you discover a reconnection to profound places held within the bodies inner wisdom and unique nature. These practices are to welcome you back home, into this body, connected to the earth, one consious breath at a time. 

About Me

A woman on a mission to facilitate a sense of reconnection between individuals and communities back into nature. Which in turn, creates a pathway back to ourselves.
 Enriching our being through nurturing practices allows space for us to be of greater service to ourselves and others. 

Qualified & Trained in Outdoor Education, Adventure Tourism, and Group Facilitation. 200 hour trained hatha/vinyasa yoga teacher.

My Services 

  • Private 1-on-1 individually tailored yoga classes online or in person. Private class packages available. 
  • Practice as you please with access to online content.
  • Retreats sprinkled throughout the year paired with camping, outdoor activties, fire ceromonies, and much more.
  • Essential oils to support your yoga and wellness journey.

Get to know me

About Me 

 Born and raised in the PNW of Washington state-from the San Juan Islands. When I was 18, after graduating high school, I moved to the south island of New Zealand to study outdoor education. Eventually finding my way to the island state of Tasmania. Filling in a variety of roles as an outdoor educator, guide, and 200 hour yoga teacher.

My Motivation

A vision for rekindling vital connections to ourselves and the lands we roam. I envision a world where we spend more time exploring our inner and outer nature. All experiences designed with the intention for integrating powerful tools to support us along every stage of life.

Recent Blog Posts:

3 Tips To Support A Consistant Yoga Practice

This post will consist of helpful tips and potent truths in relation to staying commited to your mat. Either at home or in getting out of the house to a studio.

Muladhara Chakra

The furthur we delve into this sacred study the more we may begin to uncover about ourselves. When deeping our relationship with the energetic centers of the body our behavhiors, patterns, choices, and conditioning begin to make a lot more sense. 

Svadhistana Chakra

Today we are tapping into foundational knowledge in relation to our Svadhistana chakra. Otherwise known as the sacral chakra. This region of the body is located in the fifth segment of the lumbar spine. 

Keely Cooper